Disconnecting from the internet until such time as it suits you is empowering. Just because we can have the internet at our fingertips doesn’t mean we should use it. unfortunately most of us will succumb to the defaults. A browser, an RSS reader, social media, our websites. All these things contribute to noise in our heads. Some noise is good but under our terms and when we choose to give away that attention.

I’ve found the last few days without these distractions on my phone incredibly enlightening. My phone has gone from a tool of consumption to one of predominant creation.

In fact the only thing that I consume is books on my Kindle. An app that has unfortunately languished in a folder to be opened ever so sporadically. I’ve also dusted off my actual Kindle and have been using it more often as a consequence. Reading and writing more on any device is a step in the right direction.

I also find myself more in the moment with my kids. My wife would forever complain about me not ‘being there mentally’ and she was probably right. By contrast, these days, most evenings I don’t even know where I put my phone when it’s time to go to bed (usually at the entrance from when I came home).

I honestly encourage everyone to give it a go. You’ll be surprised how little you actually miss out on.