Phones and Cameras

After listen to The Minimalists on the Kevin Rose show, I came to a realisation. In my persuit to determine which iPhone I should be buying this year, it turns out I really don’t need to get one after all.

The reason for upgrading isn’t because the phone is slow, lacks some essential feature or that certain apps don’t run on it. Rather the only reason to upgrade is for the camera.

Except I already own a pretty decent camera, the NEX-F3. I bought it just before Zane was born (so a little over 4 years ago now) and seem to have stopped using it 2 years ago. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe I bought into the whole ‘the best camera is the one on you’ ideaology?

A quick read of a Wirecutter article I bookmarked in 2013, led me to circling onto several Sigma lens that will help me get better photos. The bonus to all this is that they’re at a pretty reduced price point at the moment. And while we’re here, we might as well talk about one of my favourite article about photography to brush up on some things.