Soundgarden & Kids

Last night was the first moment shared by myself and my two boys. And a glorious moment it was.

Since Ryan’s been born, the activities shared by the boys has been somewhat limited. One is a 3 ½ year old, while the other is 3 months old. Ryan though clearly has his father’s taste in music. To calm him down I’ve taken to singing to him alternative music from the 90s. We’ve just finished our Smashing Pumpkins phase and I started singing Fell on black days.

Having not heard the song in 10 years I thought it would be great to blast it out. I mean that’s why I have music subscription right? I’m holding Ryan and we’re dad-shuffling to the music. A which point Zane decides he wants in on the action as well, so he grabs his massive Ikea shark and starts moshing (I put the link in because I have no idea if this is what it’s refered to these days, wait…they’re calling it slamdancing? I’ll stick with moshing thank you very much) with it. And it all escalated from there.

Although different in an infinitely number of ways, the whole scene did remind me of that time Stathi and I were 18-19 and went to this club in Athens who either had an alternative night on, or the DJ is hoping to get kicked out. Anyway he was playing our music, which by this stage had fallen out of favour in place of some other pop shit. Towards the end/middle of the night there we were literally the only 2 people on the floor slamdancing.

I think my 18-19 year old self would be super proud of these two.