Supply Shaving

I finally got my Kickstarter backed ‘Single Edge’ razor handle from Supply today. This is actually the second time that the package was sent to me, as the first set was lost in the mail. This usually doesn’t happen to me, but thankfully the guys over at Supply were gracious enough to hook me up with a full replacement.

The packaging did completely take me aback. It’s unashamedly aping Apple’s packaging. I know one is offering high tech gear, while there other is a razor handle, but I do wonder if the “homage” was taken a little too far in this instance. From this videos, an alternative packaging seems to have been made (possibly for the previous version?), which I actually prefer as it calls back to a time when these injector blades were widely used. I think the ‘heritage’ should be celebrated more.

The first thing you’ll notice about the handle itself is the sleekness of it followed by the sheer weightiness of it - this thing is heavy. The other thing that you’ll notice is the lovely little manual on the inside that goes through a bunch of interesting aspects that you should consider. Patrick and Jennifer are effectively trying to re-educate us on a style of shaving that went out of fashion, only to be replaced by electric razors and 5 blade disposable garbage from the supermarket.

Having shaved with it, I can say it does give you a very close shave. I’ve been using double edged safety razors for nearly 5 years now and while those shaves were infinitely better to what I was using before, this makes my skin much smoother. The draw back however is that in order for it to do this, it might irritate the skin - maybe only until my skin gets used to it?

To complete my pledge, I also opted for the marble bowl. It has ridges at the bottom. My shaving cream of choice is Taylor of Old Bond Street, Sandlewood, which was first introduced to me by my brother in one of our care packages - I’ve been hooked ever since. The combination of the two created an amazingly smooth and thick rich lather.

It’s not every day that one enhances their daily routine of shaving. If you’re going to do it, go all in.