Adventure in Stationary

For years I’ve been exceptionally content with my choice of pen, the Muji 0.38mm gel ink pen, in black. The main issue with the pen was the cheap plastic enclosure that held that wonderful refill. I grew exceptionally bored of it and I was willing to splurge some money on something that was better.

Previously I’d splash money on stationary related to my artwork, but never for my work related stationary. My hunt for a better enclosure made me look at all of my stationary in a decidedly different way and led me down a rabbit hole that I am yet to emerge from (listened to all the episodes of the Pen Addict podcast). Thankfully the situation is a lot more under control than when I first started on this journey. After a year of buying a wide range of pens, I now know pretty much what will appeal to me and will fit into my rotation pretty much instantly.

I intend to go into a decent amount of detail but rather than writing everything in one single shot, I’ll highlight the main takes for now:

  1. I’m likely not going to be expanding my fountain pen collection past a Pelikan M205 in the future. It stops here at my Sailor Pro Gear Slim.
  2. Midori MDs are the only choice of sketch notebooks that I will likely ever use. These are perfect. The A4 version is next on my list.
  3. Nothing beats my Muji 0.38mm pen for quick sketching and inking - the Pilot Juice pens come in a close second. I’ve still to find my ideal holder - the original Takumi pen was a massive disappointment, hopefully version 2 goes in a better direction. Might have to design one myself.
  4. I’ve enjoyed using my Hobonichi Techo (although not as often as I would want to and not with the type of content I was hoping for) - will be trying out an A5 version this year., maybe that format suits me better?
  5. I will be getting a Nanami Seven Seas Standard notebook in the future as well.
  6. The Penxo is one of the best conceived and delivered Kickstarters that I’ve ever used - even though they fucked up my order and gave me the wrong leads.
  7. I will be getting a Field Notes subscription in November. I like the fun of seeing what these guys come up with and have been enjoying collecting these notebooks.
  8. I’ve still not found my ideal EDC pen. I still have time to back the EDK, but not sure if that’s the one for me.