There was a time in my life where I remember that I resented change. It was something that I later came to understand was actually a major component of life. Major change can either come in regular doses, or can wait dormantly, in the shadows for years.

Change is everywhere at the moment.

We’re gearing up for our first baby’s imminent arrival, which has honestly completely consumed our every free moment.

At work, yesterday was Naresh and Max’s last day onsite. I sat next to Naresh for the last 2 years as we saw the building go from a hole in the ground to something much, much more. We’ve effectively been in the ‘trenches’ together (at least the engineering/construction trenches) and while we’ve not come out unscratched, I think we’ve both learnt an incredible amount, from each other.

Don’t fight change. Embrace it. Life will be easier that way.