The main function of a website such as mine is for me to collect things and share them with like minded people.

This year has seen many changes in my life online. After 9 years, I moved my self hosted website away from Dreamhost and onto Tumblr. This was all in service of my removing unwanted distractions. Distractions that would take away from my actually creating something more meaningful.

For nearly 10 years Broken Kode has had it’s own custom theme that I’ve developed one line of code at a time. This proved to be yet another distraction. It didn’t matter what the hell my site looks like. What’s important is the content. The custom theme that I’ve chosen is extremely servicable and much better than anything I have time to create at the moment.

That isn’t to say that I’m not creating new websites, just that my personal website is more of a basket for me to put things into. What that basket looks like, ultimately doesn’t matter. What matters is what I put in that basket.