Google has officially killed off it’s Reader product. Like many others, I have been using Google Reader for many years now and so have been forced to look for an alternative. Thankfully developers all over the world responded to this (stupid) business decision(?) and provided a slew of alternatives. There really is a great deal of choice, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

My preferred solution is probably a reasonably popular one, in that I’m using Feedbin as my backend. This connects to Reeder on iOS and Readkit on my Mac. One of the main reasons for choosing Feedbin however is linked to the excellent implementation of the website which is incredibly slick (I need this, as my work machine is Windows based).

The thing that definitely made me smile however is just how quickly the developer community moved to provide good alternatives that lost nothing from the features provided by Google Reader and in fact held more promise than the stagnant Reader.

Although the RSS feed reader market is ‘old’, it’s a completely nascent one - which means that the best is yet to come.