Coda Automotive filed for bankruptcy.

Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know who they were either. What brought the company to my attention was the fact that their name was mentioned along side both Tesla and Fisker, as an equal in the electric vehicle revolution.

I looked around to try and understand the reasons for the company’s demise. A quick search online and found a picture of its flagship product, the Coda. Yeah, exactly what I thought, pretty damn fugly. Clearly I wasn’t alone as the company sold 100 cars in total.

What amuses me about the comparisons to Tesla, is how misguided and wrong those comparisons actually are. Sure they both make (or in Coda’s case, made) electric cars, but that’s as far as I could see the similarities ending.

People who’ve never seen a Model S in real person, lust after it. Tesla make a single vehicle at the moment. They’ve stopped production on the Roadster and the focus is on a single product. They are focusing on this model and increasing it’s appeal - through continuous initiatives such as it’s leasing programme and expanded supercharger network. Companies like Coda, made 100 lemons.